Hello Neighbour



meNeighbour.com is a neighbour-oriented create-your-own-private-network style social network.

A perfect, safe and secure social network connecting the neighbours with public/private social groups, social meetups, local classifieds, thriving local businesses, help-wanted listings, fire/crime/emergency/municipal community updates, and more.

Personal or business networking, meneighbour.com is designed for you to connect and build your friends network in the neighbourhood.


Safety and security first

Be it a social meetup, private party event, or something else, your social activity is visible only to your connected friends and neighbours in the network. There is no post that could sprawl out of its space. Meaning, your posts of images, video links, comments, etc will only be visible to your connected friends and neighbours. Period. No uninvited peeks into your social activity.

  • Protected user privacy. No peeks from unconnected. Your social activity is visible only to your connected friends and neighbours. User data is not shared with or exposed to any third-party ad engines.
  • Neighbour-oriented. Every neighbourhood is a separate network, encouraging safe, secure and known (by face) only social connections.
  • Child-friendly. Less the access to local business listings, trendy news, and community updates, same secure socializing fun for under-13 while the parent user can monitor and control the child user's activity.
  • Shared for connected only. Media posts (images or videos) or social participation (private groups or events) are visible only to connected friends or participating members.
  • Community updates. Posted by local, authorized government personnel. Be it a local crime alert, police update, fire alert, or any news update from local government, find it in the 'Community Update' page.
  • Local business listings. Local businesses and services are flourished well with social influence and neighbour recommendations.  Be it a local maid service, nanny for daycare, electrician, pizza shop, spa clinic, professional service, or even a local help-wanted, list or find it in the Local Business tab.  


Friendly neighbourhood is a safer neighbourhood

Being friendly to a neighbour is always a good idea. A friendly neighbour, who could lend a helping hand when you need one, help you find your lost cat, look after your lawn/driveway when you are away or shine your day with a smile, a true neighbour indeed.

A friendly neighbourhood is always a healthy neighbourhood. Befriend or connect with only you know, socialize with only you share a common intererst, learn something new from a meetup, or have a nice chat over a cup of coffee. It is all how you like to keep yourself happy and grow healthy in a friendly neighbourhood.

Keeping you stay active and connected with friendly neighbours, local news and updates, social groups, community events, and more, meneighbour.com is a perfect, user-driven, private social network.


Say Hello! Me, Your Neighbour!!!

Come on in, join your friends and neighbours in the network. Whether it is to connect with a friend you know, get updated with local community news, list a classified giveaway, look for a local help-wanted, put up a garage sale to give away, or organizing a community event for a special cause, it is all at one great social networking site, meneighbour.com.

The locality-based social network is open to every neighbourhood (a city, town or municipal area). As you may say, me and my friendly neighbour, or, me! your neighbour, or, me and my neighbourhood , the site is named to be so, neighbourly and friendly.

Say Hello and connect with your neighbour now.