Hello Neighbour


Welcome to the neighbourhood social network, me Neighbour.

meNeighbour.com is an ad-free privacy-oriented neighbourhood social network built on  one core objective,  provide a safe and secure social network with the utmost respect for user privacy. Everyone deserves a privacy-respected, safe and secure social network.

It is your social network where you can create your own network of friends and neighbours, meet up events, socializing groups, local business listings, community news, updates and more from the neighbourhood. Respecting the user privacy to heart, the ad-free social networking site does not share any user data with any third-party ad-agency or data-digging marketing company. No uninvited peeks into your social data.      

Come on in, and join your friends and neighbours in the network. Whether it is to connect with a friend you know, get updated with local community news, list a classified giveaway, look for a local hire for help-wanted or even create a child account for your under-13 child allowing the younger mind to experience the safe and secure socializing fun under your watch, it is all at one great social networking site, meNeighbour.com. 

With socializing public and private groups, social meetups, thriving local business listings, fire/crime/emergency/municipal community updates, and more, meNeighbour.com is an excellent neighbourhood social network for every locality. Whether it is personal or business connection, the networking site is to connect and build your network in the neighbourhood. 

The compelling features:

  • Protected user privacy. No peeks from unconnected. User posts are visible only to connected friends and neighbours. 
  • Neighbour-oriented. Social network limited to a town/city or a given search area for safe and secure social connections.
  • Child-friendly. Less the access to local business listings, trendy news, and community updates, same secure social networking fun for under-13 while the parent user has a monitoring control. 
  • Shared for connected only. Media posts (including images, videos, groups and events) are visible only to connected friends.
  • Community updates. Posted by local, authorized government personnel. Be it a local crime alert, police update, fire alert, or any news update form local government, it will be on  'Community Update' page.
  • Local business listings. Whether it a local maid service, nanny for daycare, electrician, pizza shop, spa clinic or any professional service available in the local area, or even a local hire for help-wanted, it will be in the local business and services list.  
  • Not a revenue-engine with ads. Ad-free social media. No third-party commercials or adverts on social pages, nor any third-party peeks into users posts or data.     

The locality-based social network is open to every neighbourhood (a city, town or municipal area).  As you may say, me and my friendly neighbour, or, me! your neighbour, or, me and my neighbourhood , the site is named to be so, neighbourly and friendly.

Our hearty welcome to the neighbourhood social network.

Say Hello and connect with your neighbour now. Enjoy your free, friendly, safe and secure  social networking experience.