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meNeighbour, the neighbourhood social network
meneighbour.com is a hyperlocal neighbourhood social network. A privacy-first advert-free all-age social network, where privacy is paramount.
meNeighbour is an absolutely free and private neighbourhood social network to help foster friendly, connected communities.
Different from other social media platforms
Unlike other social networks, which are primarily ad-ridden marketing platforms, meNeighbour is an advert-free all-age social network where privacy is given utmost respect.
With local news, community updates, socializing events, networking groups, and local business listings bound to a neighbourhood, the neighbour-oriented social network is designed to help foster healthy, friendly communities.
Family-friendly and child-friendly social media
In the current modern advertisement-driven social media, access to social media for an under-13 is a worry for many parents who concern about their children's safety and privacy. With the same security concern, as a parent of two under-13, the founder of the company designed the social networking platform to be child-friendly.
The account hierarchy system at meNeighbour ensures all required safety features, guidelines and policies are in place to protect underage users. Parents can monitor their children's activity on the network with instant updates. Plus parental permissions and controls let you safeguard your kids’ online activity, providing extra peace of mind. From individuals to neighbourhood watch groups to Parent Teacher Associations, you can rest assured that sensitive, personal information is protected.
Ad-free social networking platform
Yes, indeed. meNeighbour.com is an advert-free social networking platform where your social pages are completely ad-free and your social activity is not read by any third-party ad-engine.
User data is not shared or sold to any third-party providers, which protects you from data mining and unwanted ads.
Protected user privacy and information
meNeighbour.com does not collect user's birth date or any such primary elements of security information. To identify and connect with appropriate neighbourhood, only basic information of the user, such as age group, gender and locality/neighbourhood/city name, is collected as part of the registration. meNeighbour.com or its parent company JT TechnoSoft Inc, does not sell or share any user information to any third party.
A child user registration is associated with its parent user, so no other child specific information is collected.
Privacy-first user profiles, invisible and unfound in a search
meNeighbour.com is a privacy-first social network. You define your privacy settings and search radius of how your profile can be found to your neighbours and friends.
It is very important to set up your profile with your desired privacy settings as soon as you activate your account. Your incomplete profile will not be found/visible to your friends who are trying to connect with you.
Search radius could not be reduced
Once your search radius is increased and your social connections are established, it would be difficult to revert the settings. You can increase the search radius though.
Private groups and member profiles, visible to connected only
Yes, indeed. Private groups are only for the invited and member profiles are visible to connected/participating co-members only.
No ads, but how it helps a local business with BizyGlobe.
Yes, indeed meNeighbour is totally ad-free social networking platform. BizyGlobe is meNeighbour's sister site. Integration with BizyGlobe is only to display the listed business's promotional coupon/banner by on-click invocation. Meaning, if a local business owner has listed the business/service in meNeighbour's Local Business page and opted to promote the local business by sharing its business page-id on BizyGlobe, a click-on button in the listing page will invite a display of the listing's promotional ad/coupon in a pop-up window. A simple page-id shared by the business listing owner is what enables meNeighbour to display the business's promotion/coupon at meNeighbour. That's all. No other information is shared. No ads are displayed. It is how best the meNeighbour can help a thriving local business to promote and connect with the neighbourhood at free of cost. meNeighbour is totally ad-free social media platform, guaranteed.