FAQ - Tips for better media experience


What is meNeighbour?
meneighbour.com is a locality based, neighbour oriented social network. With the prime purpose of providing a safer and better social media experience for every one, including children with parental guidance, meNeighbour.com provides a privacy-oriented, advert-free socializing network for every neighbourhood. Unlike a global social media website, whose user base is wide open on one worldwide network and media posts are shared/viewed by many in an uncontrollable manner, meNeighbour.com provides a socializing network bound to a neighbourhood, thus a user would know whom s/he is befriended with and who can view his/her media posts in the neighbourhood. As a neighbourhood social network, it helps a neighbourhood to grow connected and more neighbourly and friendly. A neighbour can help another as a lending hand, a baby sitter, nanny, professional service provider, or to update with a local news/alert. So much, a connected neighbourhood is well safer than an unconnected, in the modern fast-changing, no-time, mobile society.
How is it different from others?
Unlike other regular social media sites, which are wide open to public across the globe as one network and user posts can be seen or shared by many in a wider view, meneighbour.com is a network of neighbourhoods, which each is a neighbour oriented local social network on the website. Socializing groups, events, local news, community updates and local business listings are bound to the local neighbourhood hence they are not visible to any user out of the city/town. A user may stretch his search radius to connect with a friend living out of the city boundary, but the local updates, groups, events, business listings, etc will not be visible to other user.
Providing an excellent family-friendly child-safe social media, meneighbour does not allow any third party advertisement or commercial to be displayed on the media site. With all respect to user data privacy, no user data is shared or sold to a third party marketer or used for any unsolicited purpose.
Child-friendly social media?!?!?!
In the current modern advertisement-driven social media, a social media access for an under-13 is a worry some for many parents who concern about their children's safety and privacy. With the same security concern, as a parent of two under-13, the founder of the company came up with the idea to provide an excellent socializing platform for every one. As a guardian angel, a parent user can create a child account for an under-13 under the parent account and let the child user have the social media fun in his/her own fashion, while the parent user can monitor/control the child user's media activity. Also, an under-13 can only connect/befriend with another under-13. So it is safe and secure, and win-win for both the users :)
Ad-free social media site?!
Yes, meNeighbour.com is an advertisement-free social media site, and is not designed to be a revenue engine. Our prime objective is to provide you a safe and secure social media experience without any advertisement on your pages. Enjoy a commercial-free social media experience!
User information and privacy?
Unlike other social media sites, meNeighbour.com does not collect user's birth date or any such primary elements of security information. To identify and connect with appropriate neighbourhood, only basic information of the user, such as age group, gender and locality/neighbourhood/city name, is collected as part of the registration. meNeighbour.com or its parent company JT TechnoSoft Inc, does not sell or share any user information to any third party. A child user registration is associated with its parent user, so no other child specific information is collected.
Registered, but why am I still invisible in the neighbours list?
meNeighbour.com is a neighbour oriented and privacy respected network. Your profile defines what details of your profile would be visible to your searching friends or neighbours and what search radius your profile would be found in a user search. Hence, it is very important to set your user profile with your desired privacy settings as soon as you register and activate your account. Until you define these privacy settings, your account profile will be invisible to your neighbours hence it will not be found in a neighbour search.
Why is it not allowing me to reduce the search radius once increased?
Once your search radius is increased and your connections are established in your neighbourhood or search radius, it would be difficult to control the settings and revert the established friend connections to a reduced radius. Once you increase the search radius for your profile, it can not be reduced to earlier/lower one.