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Welcome to Your Neighbourhood

meNeighbour is a specialized social network designed to help foster friendly, connected communities. It is a safe, fun and private alternative to other platforms.

Social Media for All Ages

Everyone deserves to have a positive, risk-free social media experience. MeNeighbour gives users just that by offering a private, secure place to socialize on the internet.

Our ad-free platform guarantees you and your children won’t be exposed to any unsolicited ads. And our account hierarchy system ensures all required safety features, guidelines and policies are in place to protect underage users.

Safe and secure

Privacy is paramount on meNeighbour. It’s a secure network for posting community-specific public service updates, news, alerts and more. User data is not shared or sold to any third-party providers, which protects you from data mining and unwanted ads.

Parents can monitor their children's activity on the network with instant updates. Plus parental permissions and controls let you safeguard your kids’ online activity, providing extra peace of mind.

From individuals to neighbourhood watch groups to Parent Teacher Associations, you can rest assured that sensitive, personal information is protected.

Connected Neighbours

Friends, neighbors, and local businesses can connect and look out for each other with meNeighbour. The geographically-based platform is restricted to a limited area by your location, ensuring that any shared information, community news and local alerts is hyperlocal and relevant to you.

Organize everything from block parties and book clubs to networking mixers and neighbourhood watch groups.

Your neighbourhood is your home — foster a happy, helpful one by enhancing your real-life relationships with safe online socializing.

Community Support

Whether you’re searching for a handyman, caregiver, landscaper or garage sale, meNeighbour serves as an online community bulletin board to promote various types of products and services.

The free-to-use platform also allows small businesses and local professionals to interact with potential customers and build influence more effectively through job listings, promotions and giveaways, and reviews.

Local police and fire services, municipal offices and local officials can also use meNeighbour to keep residents informed with service updates and alerts.

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Whether you are meeting up with friends, looking for community updates, posting or looking for a local job, or even looking for a plumber, me neighbourhood is where you connect.


meNeighbour - Your Neighbourhood Social Network

Stay up-to-date on neighbourhood news. Lend a helping hand. Support local businesses. Reach out to new neighbours. Share valuable resources and recommendations. Join meNeighbour to put the neighbour back in neighbourhood.