"Connecting with your community shouldn’t cost you your privacy."

There are countless ways our kids are harmed by using their favorite apps. "Like", "Tweet" and "Share" seem harmless enough, but social media websites use them to track their behavior for marketing purposes. Even watching videos on TikTok or playing games like Candy Crush puts your children's data up for grabs. But it's not just our children's activity we have to worry about — it's what we post about them on social media, too. The digital footprint you make as a family is impossible to fully delete.

"When my 11-year old son asked to join Facebook, I adamantly refused. (I'm sure you can imagine how well that conversation went.) I realized that ordering our kids to stay off social media isn't the best solution. The last thing we need is to cut our kids off from their friends and encourage our teenagers to make secret social media accounts." says Sudhakar Atmakuru, founder of meNeighbour

Before meNeighbour was invented, we conducted hours of research about privacy violations that happen online each year — there are too many to count. On YouTube, we found hundreds of comments from users who wanted a secure social media platform. There were no apps for business owners to find local clients, no digital space for kids to safely connect with friends and neighbours.

Fostering strong communities became the basis of meNeighbour. The app places you and your family members completely in charge of your social media experience. No unwanted ads, no data mining, no unauthorized surveillance - no exceptions.

We know you're probably tired of seeing targeted ad campaigns on your feed (no, that T-shirt company didn't guess your name by chance) and fearing Facebook’s security flaws. We were, too. The chances are you've asked yourself this more than once: Is my family safe on social media? With today's technology, I believe there's no reason to be unsure.